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Core Academic Offerings

English                                                                                   Math

English 9 A & B                                                                     Pre-Algebra A & B

English 10 A & B                                                                   Algebra I A & B

English 11 A & B                                                                   Geometry A & B

English 12 A & B                                                                   Algebra II A & B

                                                                                                Pre-Calculus A & B

                                                                                                Consumer Math A & B


Science                                                                                   Social Studies

Biology A & B                                                                        U.S. History A & B

Environmental Science A & B                                               World History A & B

Physical Science A & B                                                         Economics

Chemistry A & B                                                                    Government



**Elective and college courses are available in each of these areas at VHS and through CCHEC.**