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RCHS Graduation Requirements

VHS Graduation Requirements

VHS Standard

To graduate from Rawlins Cooperative High School, if enrolled twenty-seven (27) credits are needed in the following areas to fulfill the proficiency requirements:

  • Eight (8) credits of English

  • Six (6) credits of Mathematics

  • Six (6) credits of Science

  • Six (6) credits of Social Studies

  • One (1) credit Mental Health and Wellness

In addition:

For a student to become college ready, one year of additional science and one year of addition math must be successfully completed. It is also highly encouraged for students focused on college entry to prepare for the ACT.

For a student to become career or military ready, a student must complete a series of three courses in an area of concentration. It is also highly recommended that students focused on career or military to prepare for the ASVAB. In addition to the academic focus of this exam, it will also be utilized to assist students and families with career planning.

Curriculum Requirements for College Admissions

  1.  All colleges have their own specific admissions requirements which can include minimum ACT scores, minimum high school GPA, extra-curricular involvement, and high school course requirements. It is always important to look at your prospective college's requirements when planning coursework in high school. 
  2. We recommend the following coursework in addition to the minimum graduation requirements listed above.
    • 1 additional year of Math
    • 1 additional year of Science